Virgo| In Bed With Water Signs

When it comes to sex or being intimate with a partner, Virgos will spend a lot of time doing research on how to -please, attract, and satisfy- their partner. However, what many fail to realize is that the intellectual zodiac is usually embraced in a cause and can seem as if they are unapproachable. To... Continue Reading →


Virgo| In Bed With Air Signs

Virgo tends to maintain a hard demeanor. Due to their need to be perfect, the earth sing has little time for laziness and games. If a person wants to find themselves in bed with a Virgo they would need to know what they are doing, have patience, and also be willing to please as well... Continue Reading →

In Bed With Virgo

Virgo season is now in session, and we'll be exploring what they are like in bed with the different elements for the next four weeks. Virgos are categorized with the earth element of the zodiac signs and reign from August 23-Sept 23. In and outside the bedroom Virgos strive for perfection, and can be technical... Continue Reading →

Leo| In Bed With Fire Signs

Leo is a fire sign ruled by the sun and everything about them is big from personality to lifestyle. They love a part we who adores themselves and is able to make time for them as well. Although they are romantics they enjoy sex and are known to be quite adventurous in the bedroom. A... Continue Reading →

Leo| In Bed With Water Signs

Leo's love to have a good time and can be adventurous in the bedroom. In fact, Leo's crave for adventure in the bedroom sets them up to be one of the best their partners have ever had- which concurs with the sexual goal. A person willing to go to bed with a Leo must remember... Continue Reading →

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