In Bed With Virgo

Virgo season is now in session, and we'll be exploring what they are like in bed with the different elements for the next four weeks. Virgos are categorized with the earth element of the zodiac signs and reign from August 23-Sept 23. In and outside the bedroom Virgos strive for perfection, and can be technical... Continue Reading →

Leo|In Bed With Earth Signs

Leo’s enjoy attention and that remains the same in the bedroom. Although Leo’s are not hard to satisfy, as long as they receive attention they are happy lions. The fire sign is known to be vain and it is no surprise they are only engaging in sex with a partner strictly for themselves. However, if... Continue Reading →

Cancer: In Bed With Earth Signs

The water element, zodiac sign Cancer is driven by emotion. Cancers are intuitive, sympathetic, and loyal people. These traits work well for people who are born under a zodiac sign with an earth element. A Cancer’s way of being dominate or submissive can possibly keep an intimate relationship with a hardworking earth sign fun, yet... Continue Reading →

Gemini: In Bed With Earth Signs

Geminis are one of the most sociable people of the zodiac. They love to have fun and can be quite adventurous, depending on which of the two twins are present. Most people believe they can’t understand a Gemini, and Gemini’s are okay with that because they continuously surprise themselves. A person born under Gemini is... Continue Reading →

Aries: In Bed with Earth Signs

  First of the zodiac, fire sign Aries is confident, stubborn, reckless, prideful, impatient and competitive just to name a few of their characteristics. The zodiac is a cardinal sign which means it is the first sign to begin one of the four seasons. Aries begins the season between winter and summer, spring; which starts... Continue Reading →

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