Taurus: In Bed With Fire

Earth element Taurus are known to be reliable individuals. They are determined to be financially stable due to their love of beautiful things. Despite their drive to work hard and accomplish goals/tasks, they also have high libidos. Comfortability will have a Taurus satisfy their partner's needs with role-playing, erotic games, and deep conversations. The following... Continue Reading →


Taurus: In Bed With Water Signs

People born under the Taurus zodiac sign are known to be stubborn, possessive, loyal and passionate about material things. Since they are ruled by the planet, Venus all of their characteristics are driven by love. While they are only emotional when they are comfortable with someone they can be sensitive to their hardcore demeanor. With... Continue Reading →

Taurus: In Bed With Air Signs

The deliberate alluring bull is powerfully sexual and needs security to let loose and to be a sex partner who is willing to explore a potential partner. A Taurus biggest turn on is the sense of touch, and once they are comfortable, they enjoy sex games and role-playing in the bedroom. The bulls acute awareness... Continue Reading →

In Bed With A Taurus

Taurus the second zodiac sign runs the days of April 20 - May 20. They are known for their sensual characteristics. People born under the sign use their five senses to navigate through the world and explore their sexuality. The loyal bull moves slowly when deciding on a partner to commit to can be stubborn... Continue Reading →

Aries: In Bed with Earth Signs

  First of the zodiac, fire sign Aries is confident, stubborn, reckless, prideful, impatient and competitive just to name a few of their characteristics. The zodiac is a cardinal sign which means it is the first sign to begin one of the four seasons. Aries begins the season between winter and summer, spring; which starts... Continue Reading →


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