In Bed With A Scorpio

When a person finds themselves in bed with a Scorpio they are sure to find themselves deeply immersed in their own emotions as well as their scorpion partner. Scorpio’s tend to have a hard exterior, but they are driven by their emotions and full of passion. This passion leads them to a sex life full... Continue Reading →

Libra | In Bed With Air Signs

Libra’s the balancers of the zodiac signs, due to their symbol being a scale are air signs. People born under this zodiac are known to be dominant in the bedroom. They also pride themselves on being the best sex a person has had. While this pride is humble, and they aim to please their sexual... Continue Reading →

In Bed With A Libra

Libra's are air signs with a scale as their symbol. People born under the zodiac enjoy peace, balance, beautiful ambiance and romance. Libra's are the social lites of the zodiac and enjoy being around a lot of people in a loving atmosphere. They are humble and naturally attracted to people, but they take their time... Continue Reading →

Leo| In Bed With Fire Signs

Leo is a fire sign ruled by the sun and everything about them is big from personality to lifestyle. They love a part we who adores themselves and is able to make time for them as well. Although they are romantics they enjoy sex and are known to be quite adventurous in the bedroom. A... Continue Reading →

In Bed With A Leo

Leo’s are known as the Lion of the zodiac, meaning they are considered Kings and Queens by others. In the midst of summer the sun has officially arrived in their house from July 23- August 23. Since their element is Fire and they are led by the sun, everything about them is tremendous. They are... Continue Reading →

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