Leo| In Bed With Air Signs

Leo's demands attention, and their goal is to be the best lover their partner has ever had. When a person finds themselves in bed with a Leo, they must be ready to give all their attention to them and be prepared for adventurous, sexual, exploration. Leo's symbol is a lion, and their element is fire,... Continue Reading →

In Bed With a Cancer

During the weeks of June 21-July 22, Cancer season reigns. Cancers are the emotionally intuitive nurturers of the zodiacs. Their element is water, and the symbol of a crab identifies them. Due to their intense emotional drive, a Cancer must feel connected to their partner before they partake in any sexual activities. However, once they... Continue Reading →

Gemini: In Bed With Fire Signs

Gemini's in bed can be playful, yet sexual animals. The twin can have sex without any emotional connection and be fine. Gemini's enjoy seducing and the aroma of sensuality. The air sign is a big fan of foreplay. Since they are the most imaginative and communicative of the zodiac, creative phone sex can set a... Continue Reading →

Gemini: In Bed With Water Signs

Gemini the twin of the zodiac as well as an explorer and air element. While engaging in sexual activities Gemini‚Äôs can be playful. In order for a Gemini to have a fun experience in the bedroom tickling and laughter is a must. A person planning playtime with a Gemini must not expect love or devotion.... Continue Reading →

Orgasmic Meditation In Bed

Living in a fast-paced world tends to make you do things quickly and turn everything into a goal. There are many ways to slow your pace of life down, and even take a step back to become more mindful of the sensations that lead up to orgasm can be quite romantic in the form of... Continue Reading →


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