Get Out Of Your Head and into Your Body in an Orgasmic Yoga Class (OYoga)

"Touch yourself the way you would like to be touched, or how someone would want to be touched by you, if you like," Sexologist Dr. Vixenne said in her recent Orgasmic Yoga Class (OYoga). In Los Angeles, Ca at Pieter studio, 10 people sat comfy on mats and snuggled with their favorite blanket in a... Continue Reading →


Loving Cunts Unconditionally- An Affirmation

Cunts are beautiful. They come in different sizes, shapes, shades of color, hairstyles, hairless, fat, skinny, long, and short. No matter what you were taught, or people opinions, accept the fact that cunts are incredible, tasty, naturally scented, self-cleaning, female external genital with a sensational lubricating canal that connects to the outside world. No two... Continue Reading →

Review: Cunt – A Declaration of Independence

Book Title Cunt- A Declaration of Independence Author- Inga Muscio Pages- 373 Genre- Women's Issues, Women's Studies Format- Paperback Price: Varies Throughout history, there have been many words for women that once empowered them. However, as time passed to keep women from tapping into their unique power, words that once had positive meanings are now... Continue Reading →

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