Gemini: In Bed With Earth Signs

Geminis are one of the most sociable people of the zodiac. They love to have fun and can be quite adventurous, depending on which of the two twins are present. Most people believe they can’t understand a Gemini, and Gemini’s are okay with that because they continuously surprise themselves. A person born under Gemini is... Continue Reading →


Review: The Ethical Slut ( Third Edition)

  Book Title: The Ethical Slut ( Third Edition) Authors: Janet W. Hardy, Dossie Easton Pages: 322 Format: Kindle, Paperback Genre: Sexuality, Relationship, Feminism. Polyamory Goodreads: Some people enjoy monogamy, and there are those who don't. Unfortunately, we live in a world where polygamy is shunned. Due to this, many people who don't/can't conform to... Continue Reading →

Gemini: In Bed With Water Signs

Gemini the twin of the zodiac as well as an explorer and air element. While engaging in sexual activities Gemini’s can be playful. In order for a Gemini to have a fun experience in the bedroom tickling and laughter is a must. A person planning playtime with a Gemini must not expect love or devotion.... Continue Reading →

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