Millennials Might Be Recreating Relationship Dynamics

Millennials, the generation who are known for their actively progressive, narcissistic, conscious identifying global citizenship, compassionate, liberal, and adventurous characteristics, are not only making a difference in society but recreating the rules to the dating game and the dynamics of what it means to be in a relationship. Identifying as a millennial myself, I was... Continue Reading →

Gemini: In Bed With Water Signs

Gemini the twin of the zodiac as well as an explorer and air element. While engaging in sexual activities Gemini’s can be playful. In order for a Gemini to have a fun experience in the bedroom tickling and laughter is a must. A person planning playtime with a Gemini must not expect love or devotion.... Continue Reading →

Review: Cunt – A Declaration of Independence

Book Title Cunt- A Declaration of Independence Author- Inga Muscio Pages- 373 Genre- Women's Issues, Women's Studies Format- Paperback Price: Varies ( Amazon Affiliate Link) Throughout history, there have been many words for women that once empowered them. However, as time passed to keep women from tapping into their unique power, words that once had... Continue Reading →

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