Handcuffed to a Hotel Bed

It was late when  I awakened from a fantastic sexual experience just 6-hours before. I was on the 26th floor of a hotel in Vegas that overlooked the strip. The lights flickered in the distance while my husband laid next to me. I am known for wandering around after smoking cannabis when I wake up in... Continue Reading →

Cancers: In Bed With Water Signs

Cancer, a water element of the zodiac signs, can be quite adventurous. While people born under the sign are known to be emotionally driven and intuitive, it comes in hand in the bedroom. Cancers use their intuition to determine their partner's sexual needs so their partner can fully satisfied. Depending on a partners mood, a... Continue Reading →

Gemini: In Bed With Earth Signs

Geminis are one of the most sociable people of the zodiac. They love to have fun and can be quite adventurous, depending on which of the two twins are present. Most people believe they can’t understand a Gemini, and Gemini’s are okay with that because they continuously surprise themselves. A person born under Gemini is... Continue Reading →

In Bed With a Gemini

Gemini in Bed with: Geminis are the third sign of the zodiac and are born under an air element. The sign reigns May 21-June 21. Their symbol is a twin. Gemini's are known to be both clever and curious. People born under the zodiac are bound to have a good time. Geminis are the intellectuals of... Continue Reading →

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