In Bed With Anal Sex (Tips Included)

"Getting the tip in hurts the most because the head of the penis is the widest part, Once you are past that and up to the shaft, it'll feel a little better. Remember how much regular sex hurt for some of us?"  Anna Breslaw- A Complete Beginners Guide to Anal Sex What Is Anal Sex?... Continue Reading →


Are STDs and STIs The Same Thing?

The correct answer is no. However, many people alternate between the two which is okay, but they have two different meanings when broken down from the acronyms to the actual words. (STD) stands for sexually transmitted diseases and (STI) stands for sexually transmitted infections. While medical professionals use the two acronyms interchangeably and when researched... Continue Reading →

How Context Can Affect Your Sex Life

When it comes to sex, many people forget their context plays a huge role in having a fantastic sex life. Like many other things, sex starts in the brain. When the chemicals dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin are released our senses are peaking, and pleasurable sensations start to flow throughout our body. The feelings not only... Continue Reading →

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