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In Bed With A Mix For You ( Self-Care)

Self-care is a must. It is good for your mental and physical health, and it also has pretty amazing results even if you only practice every once in a while. There are many routines you can choose from when practicing self-care, and I have tried multiple ones, my favorite is taking care of my skin.... Continue Reading →


Sagittarius | In Bed With Earth Signs

Sagittarius enjoy adventures and collecting information. They are a fire sign who tend to find themselves engaging in one night stands, and lack emotions as well as knowing how to commit. Their eager drive for exploring attracts people who are born with Earth as their element. Hard-working earth signs are able to relax and enjoy... Continue Reading →

Should American Women Be Afraid?

A lot is happening in the news, many things they do not share on television. Information that is important for the future of women, all women no matter how they describe themselves. Women’s rights for domestic violence and sexual assault definition has gone back 50 years. New York has passed an abortion law that allows... Continue Reading →

Loneliness and Sex Writing

When people hear someone is a sex writer they have this sublime image of the persons' life filled with lots of hot sex. Although some of that may be true, there is a dark side to side of being a sex writer: Loneliness. There are many types of loneliness, and the following list are seven... Continue Reading →

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