Are STDs and STIs The Same Thing?

The correct answer is no. However, many people alternate between the two which is okay, but they have two different meanings when broken down from the acronyms to the actual words. (STD) stands for sexually transmitted diseases and (STI) stands for sexually transmitted infections. While medical professionals use the two acronyms interchangeably and when researched... Continue Reading →


Orgasmic Meditation In Bed

Living in a fast paced world, tends to make you do things quickly and turn every thing into a goal. There are many ways to slow your pace of life down, and even take a step back to become more mindful of the sensations that lead up to an orgasm in the form of meditation;... Continue Reading →

Aries: In Bed With Fire Signs

Aries season is slowly coming to an end but there are still a couple of signs including Aries in bed with itself has not been explored on Krystle In Bed. The zodiacs who get the last review will be the fourth element, which includes the Aries known as fire signs. Similar to the fire element... Continue Reading →

Aries: In Bed With Water Sign

Aries, the Ram, encourages individuals. They can be one of the sweetest people you know. They are usually leaders and pioneers, with no time for clinginess in a relationship. An Aries in bed with an emotional water sign would seem to be an intense affair. Let’s see how it goes below:   Cancer: Sensitive, submissive,... Continue Reading →

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