In Bed With: G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator (Divainner Design)

The vibration starts deep in the middle of the base with very light and slow tremors.  The vibrator remains solid, but the motors twist their way up into the head, like a drill, until it reaches the top and finishes in a throbbing sensation, somewhat similar to an ejaculating penis but without the sperm.  *... Continue Reading →


Review: The Ethical Slut ( Third Edition)

  Book Title: The Ethical Slut ( Third Edition) Authors: Janet W. Hardy, Dossie Easton Pages: 322 Format: Kindle, Paperback Genre: Sexuality, Relationship, Feminism. Polyamory Price: $17.09 Some people enjoy monogamy, and there are those who don't. Unfortunately, we live in a world where polygamy is shunned. Due to this, many people who don't/can't conform... Continue Reading →

Review: Cunt – A Declaration of Independence

Book Title Cunt- A Declaration of Independence Author- Inga Muscio Pages- 373 Genre- Women's Issues, Women's Studies Format- Paperback Price: Varies Throughout history, there have been many words for women that once empowered them. However, as time passed to keep women from tapping into their unique power, words that once had positive meanings are now... Continue Reading →

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