Loneliness and Sex Writing

When people hear someone is a sex writer they have this sublime image of the persons' life filled with lots of hot sex. Although some of that may be true, there is a dark side to side of being a sex writer: Loneliness. There are many types of loneliness, and the following list are seven... Continue Reading →

Handcuffed to a Hotel Bed

It was late when  I awakened from a fantastic sexual experience just 6-hours before. I was on the 26th floor of a hotel in Vegas that overlooked the strip. The lights flickered in the distance while my husband laid next to me. I am known for wandering around after smoking cannabis when I wake up in... Continue Reading →

Orgasmic Meditation In Bed

Living in a fast-paced world tends to make you do things quickly and turn everything into a goal. There are many ways to slow your pace of life down, and even take a step back to become more mindful of the sensations that lead up to orgasm can be quite romantic in the form of... Continue Reading →

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